Nailah Blackman - SOKAH

24 décembre 2017 - 2539 vues

Produced by: Anson “Pro” Soverall Written by: Nailah Blackman & Anson Soverall Mix and Mastered by: Anthony Lowhar Camera Director: Stefan Garraway Edited by: Sir Ian Davis & Lot Entertainment Camera by: Renaldo Roberts Hair by: Sade Baptiste Makeup by: Kai Forde and Cassie Power Styled by: Jamila Alexander Fabrics by: Zeitgeist Pro Clothing by: Linkage Special Thanks to: Uber Lorraine O’Connor DJ Aswaad Future Crab Studios Come experience Sokah Origins with Uber. To be one of 10 people to get two passes use the code NAIARMY and #RideToWin using the Uber app during the month of November. Get all the info you need here:


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